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  • 22nd Feb 2017
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If you want to go abroad then you should careful about many things. Today we will discuss about various aspects like what one should look for and how to narrow your decision (in form of countries).

Here we can talk about various things

Get focused

Firstly, Make your mind to either you want to move in different country or not because if you are not prepared with your mind you can not choose a country which is compatible with you. So, it is your primary step to make your final mind whether you want to go or not. After you did this, however, this is a very easy and first step but not the least.

Purpose of immigration

If you are on your track you can easily predict or  can calculate your purpose to move in different country. If not, then let me help you to choose, you can move in different boundary with purposes like you want to just go there for visit purpose. In addition, if you want to move in a country for visit like for honeymoon, for move around, might be you are travelling bird. But there are two more major purposes, for Asian people the more, like working in a developed countries like USA,UK, Australia, Canada, Germany Spain, Sweden and many more from Europe continent.

If your purpose is to visit over there, a tourist visa, for short time visit is main purpose. Then a person should look for more tourist spots which are really worth visiting. For honeymoon purpose one can go with these options like

Bora Bora, French Polynesia and Harbour Island, Bahamas, if you love to water around you or you would love to spend your time on beach like. You can find here water is crystal clear. In last year that was a most preferred spot for romantic couple or for honeymoon.
Sonoma, California is also a place for only those people who are romantic and love to watch natural scenery with hilly region. This place is where every one can get astonished with nature’s beauty.
Paris, France, a very good combination of architecture and french food, is no doubt very good place to visit. Here you can meet many different people with different life styles. Really a good option for romanticist.
Venice, Italy, for those who want to see historic building with great romance. It might be confusing to someone how a historic building can be romantic. Yes, here when you travel in a boat in a big river which flows near to the buildings, trust me you will find this place a amazing when you sail in blue water through river channel. This place, for mostly newly married, is superb choice.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is one of the best place for honeymoon or travelling. Specially this place is for who love to watch like sunrise. Here you will find a city around the sea with structured and a islands and boating in sea is a another mesmerizing moment.

If your purpose is either to study or to get work permit.

Initially you have to choose your study program according to your interest because you will find that you can work very well in area of interest. If your purpose is only to study and come back to your own country then you can choose whatever you want to study either skilled or unskilled work but if you want to work there to settle you have to be skilled person. It is better to choose a good program for study than to study in different course again. There are variety of course in different countries. You can go for higher education like Diploma certificate or diplomas PG diploma and bachelors and masters degree like MS, MBA etc.
Medical field is always a good option for study in developed countries and if you want to go for technical field then you have to be creative and should have management skill to get a handsome amount of money because these country only allow to reside a person with a skill that is useful for their country. Otherwise you will come to your own country, however your level of education will be higher than your own country could give you only if you choose a premium college with better global rank.

Note down rough choices

It is better to note down, firstly, rough choices. Like you can make a list of college with good global ranking or you can go for a list with scope of your field in a targeted country also you can make a list with both or many qualities. You can make list of which country you like the most to  lower in descending order. Reminding you this is a only rough list, make as long as possible. Later we will narrow it down by different steps.

Narrow down your choice

Once you prepared your your rough list then it is clear you can go in single country at a time. Then we have to remove some countries from this list. you can make it short by filtering that list with like peaceful country and you can put a country to top according to its specialization. For Instance, If you want to work or study in lifestyle field then go for France which is famous for life styles in all over the world. Moreover, If you want to shine in IT (information technology) you can choose USA which is big gun in field of electronics and in information technology also. To make these selection you should keep at least 3-4 countries and then make this list further short with more filter like peaceful country and requirement of IELTS(What is this?) band score and must be a pleasant weather like should not be too freezing or should not be too hot. UK has a pleasant weather and other country like USA and Mexico is bearable chilly cold weather unlike Canada where temperature is very low upto -17 degree Celsius. These things are enough to make your big list in to smaller one. If still you have big list then There are more different filters you can try.

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