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Republic day of India 2017, a prominent day for India, Details Current affairs

  • 25th Jan 2017
  • News

This day, republic day of India, is supposed to be important day for our nation. On 26th of Jan 1950, India had come with its official constitution, Constitution of India, which was built by 389 members and took almost three years. Moreover, it took exactly 2 years 11 months and 18 days. However, Constitution of India was completed in black and white on 26th Nov 1949 but implemented on 26th Jan 1950, two months later. The constitution of India is the largest constitution in the world, constructed with help of different countries’ Constitution.

People of our country, Indians, celebrate this day with joy and happiness. The people celebrate this day watching parade of Securities forces and models of different states. That moment always creates mesmerizing effect and President of India gives

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