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What is IELTS? How much bands are require for different countries

  • 23rd Feb 2017
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IELTS is International English Language Testing System. Its is actually for, english language test, candidate whose first language is not English . Purpose of this test is only to check whether one can live in english environment or not. There are scoring in this IELTS from 1 to 9 only and 0 is for  one who did not appear in exam. IELTS has its four section to check capabilities of a candidate in different area of english. Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking are the four section in which they test a candidate. In exam, first three sections are done on the same day and Speaking test is usually done in different day, might be one or two day early or later.

Who Conducts IELTS?

There are two organisations who conduct this exam. British Council

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A complete guide | How to choose a country fits you| Going abroad?

  • 22nd Feb 2017
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If you want to go abroad then you should careful about many things. Today we will discuss about various aspects like what one should look for and how to narrow your decision (in form of countries).

Here we can talk about various things

Get focused

Firstly, Make your mind to either you want to move in different country or not because if you are not prepared with your mind you can not choose a country which is compatible with you. So, it is your primary step to make your final mind whether you want to go or not. After you did this, however, this is a very easy and first step but not the least.

Purpose of immigration

If you are on your track

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